2Gyrlz Performative Arts

4/2002 – 10/2008
Board of Directors, publicity, event organizer

A Portland-based arts nonprofit, responsible for many ongoing and one-shot projects such as the annual EnterActive Language Festival, 2Gyrlz Quarterly zine, Perpetuating Response events, and trans youth outreach program Language of Paradox. Focuses included live art, text-based performance, ritual performance, postmodern dance, experimental music, queer/trans artists, and new media.

The forearms of Noah Mickens, Llewyn Maire, and Lisa Newman

  • Focused heavily on promotions for 2Gyrlz. Wrote press releases and public announcements, coordinated street team, conducted interviews with the press
  • Curated or co-curated many events in collaboration with other 2Gyrlz organizers. Venue liaison, artist liaison, volunteer coordination, stage management.
  • Organized fundraiser auctions and performances in off-seasons.
  • Served as announcer for events when needed.

Notable artists presented: Miranda July, Guillermo Gomez-Pena and La Pocha Nostra, Ron Athey, Kate Bornstein, Osseus Labyrint, Jamie McMurray, Skip Arnold, Linda Austin, David Eckard, John G. Boehme, Pat Califia, Miss Capitalism USA, The Outremeur Project, Jeffery Byrd, Potter-Belmar Labs, Katastrophe, Waldteufel, Odeon Theater, Gigi Oltivaro-Hermillosa, Notendo, Tex Napalm and Dimi Dero.

More at 2gyrlz.org

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