Assistant director, co-producer, co-author, songwriter
actor/singer/dancer — Tungsten Bob

Tungsten Bob and the City Council catch up with Estella Zephyrine in the deep swamp hiding place of the Soul Machine.

An ongoing story cycle with a dark fairytale aesthetic, conceived and directed by tribal fusion dancer NagaSita. I helped her to produce and direct the show, and performed as the villainous Mayor Tungsten Bob. Some of the concepts we devised for Bogville have entered into my Wanderlust Circus shows since — an immersive environment, an oblique storyline, and the introduction of song and dance numbers. Unlike Wanderlust Circus, Bogville also employed such avant-garde forms as butoh and “noise” music.

Soriah in Bogville Chapter 2

The first three long-form Bogville shows comprised a single story arc; concerning the rise of the Doom Cult and the revelation of dark aristocratic secrets to young Lilla Shroud, and how those events led to the defeat of Mayor Tungsten Bob by Lady Rhinebone Laveaux and the magic of the Bog. The featured cast for these three shows included Jay Lieber, Meghann Rose, Nagasita, Noah Mickens, Eyerish Heather Collins, Molly Petite, Scott Schroeder, Juan Prophet Organization, Uxepi Ipexu, Caedmonster, Miss Joints, Soriah, Eric Stern, Ogo Eion, Myrk Kauna, Crystal Zingsheim, Megan Petite, Nolon Ashley, Seraphic Society, Nequaquam Vacuum, The Squidling Brothers, and Nati The Patchwork Girl.

Tana the Tattooed Lady as Miss Alvida Wicketstitch

In 2011, we mounted a fourth long-form Bogville performance; depicting a story from earlier in the history of the town, in which the wandering gypsy Estella Zephyrine stays past market time and soon finds herself entangled in the age-old connivances of the Mayor and the schoolmistress Alvida Wicketstitch. Myself, NagaSita, Jay, Caedmonster, Jeff Holt, Eric Stern, and (at the very last minute) Mr. Scott Schroeder returned from the original cast; with many new brilliant new additions such as Tana the Tattooed Lady, Ashia Grzesik, Strangled Darlings, Karla Mi Lugo, VIVIVI, Andrew Hansen, Russell Bruner, Brandy Guthery, Nathan HG, Xander Almeida, Laurel Jones, Dreame Scape Theatre, and Unwoman.


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