2001 – 2006
musician, dancer

dk pan, sheri brown, and noah mickens in the multidisciplinary piece Crosspollination

A butoh performance troupe headquartered in Seattle, with whom I collaborated musically starting in 2001.

Principal members included dk pan, Douglas Ridings, Alan Sutherland, Ishan Vernalis, Pol Rosenthal, Sheri Brown, Kaleb Hagen-Kerr, Laura Corsiglia, and Joan Laage.

Douglas Ridings and Noah Mickens in Crosspollination

I met the P.A.N. through my brother Sam, who at the tender age of 17 had made a name for himself underground.  They mostly lived together in a derelict walk-up called The US Rubber Building, aka Luscious, aka Vertebrae Theater; also home to some or all members of Degenerate Art Ensemble, Implied Violence, The Dead Science, The Infernal Noise Brigade, Pyrosutra, and a roster of die-hard creative types that would be literally incalculable without a monstrous research project to push it through.

At first, and for a long time thereafter, this collaboration was undertaken through my band, Nequaquam Vacuum. We first played with the PAN at The Medicine Hat Gallery at the very end of 2000. A collaboration followed at shows in Portland and Seattle, with the various overlapping line-ups of Nequaquam Vacuum as well as Bill Horist, Roslyn DeRoos, Paul , Monica Schley, Dubmarronics, Enrique Ugalde, Tom Swafford, Suzy Kozawa, Annie Lewandowski, DJ Daichi, and Noise Poet Nobody.

It was through P.A.N. that I first encountered butoh, which has waxed and waned in my Work every since. I began to dance publicly with the troupe in 4/2005, though music was always my chief focus with them. I have no idea how many shows we did over the years. Many. These included collaborations with Tchkung!, The Living Jarboe, Soriah, Death Posture, and Circle of Fire.

We were awarded a 2005 residency at Centrum, an island getaway in the Puget Sound built at the site of an imposing Civil War artillery base. There, I choreographed and performed my first dance piece, “The Rat King”; part of our ongoing multidisciplinary work, Crosspollination.

The informal nature of the P.A.N. was such that it’s not easy to affix a date to the troupe’s ending. Former members continue to work together in numerous configurations, all over the world.

Douglas Ridings in Crosspollination

More at portlandartistnetwork.com

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