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Noah Mickens is a theatrical director, circus ringmaster, scrap metal percussionist, compere, butoh dancer, event producer, songwriter, hype machine, and bon vivant. Once labelled “the impressario of the underground”, he has founded and performed in such diverse performing troupes as Wanderlust Circus (with Nick the Creature), Bogville (with NagaSita), Societas Insomnia (with David Heifetz), The 999 Eyes of Endless Dream (with Dylan McPuke and Samantha X), and Nequaquam Vacuum (with Tyler Armstrong); as well as such one-shot productions as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (a butoh adaptation, with Mizu Desierto), Day of the Zombie (a rock opera, with Zombie Dan Abbott), and the forthcoming Queen of Knives (an opera, with Eric Stern). As a musician, Mickens has focused on singing and on the creation of improvised music using found objects, most particularly scrap metal. In addition to his own ensemble, Nequaquam Vacuum , some of the ensembles he’s played with include Soriah, Pretty Art Narcotic, The Steve MacKay Ensemble, Danse Perdue, Z’EV, Implied Violence, Sikhara, The Hop-Frog Kollectif, Moe! Staiano’s Moe!kestra!, and Damo Suzuki’s Network. Beginning with the independently-produced 36 Invitsibles series at The Jasmine Tree tiki lounge; his curatorial and organizational Work has included serving on the board of directors for 2Gyrlz Performative Arts and The EnterActive Language Festival; a U.S. node of the international Radon collective; creative director of Someday Lounge during its early period (and before); and in-house booker for Rotture, Branx, and The Hippodrome. He’ll take you off like a Saturday.



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