Societas Insomnia

2004 – 2007

founder, director, producer, actor/singer/dancer (Dig the Nightmare King)

Dig the Butcher and his Dreamers observe their newly-modified pet

A nightmare performance art troupe combining ritual theatre, fire, butoh, the circus arts, pain threshold performance, and live improvised music. The original concept for the show arose from a meeting between myself, David Heifetz, and Dale Morris.  David and myself became the chief directors of the project; collaborating to create the story and characters in the shows, and weaving in the performances of the component performers.

Daif the Nightmare Duke puts two dreaming souls to the cantilever rack

I was also one of the principal performers, playing the nightmare spirit Dig; with Mr Heifetz as his rival Drago; and Mr Morris intermittently appearing in hook suspension and musical roles.  Other notable players included Soriah, Ivizia, Cherry, Peach, Germany, Pandora, Patricia Hall, Llewyn Maire, Lisa Newman, Vanessa Skantze, Nathan HG, Betka Schpitz, Yoshi Ironskin, Alea Angelique, Lana Guerra, Meghan Rose, Ogo Eion, Ryan Olson, Rale Sidebottom, Moe! Staiano, Jay Lieber, Brian Crowl, Travis McAlister, Malice McMunn, Joshua Camozzi, Daif Hahn, Zuul, Mr Zee, Joe Sparks, Jacqueline Faye, Nolon Ashley, and Miss Ty Fyre.

Ivizia Dakini in her finest dress and back-skewer torches

Major performances at The Roseland Theater, Someday Lounge, Sabala’s, Dante’s (featuring Finland’s Circus Mundus Absurdus), and The How To Destroy The Universe Festival (featuring 999 Eyes Of Endless Dream).

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